Client Feedback


Monique is such a knowledgeable and so insightful! We had an issue with our two boys. My one cat one day, turned and attacked his brother (re-direct aggression). My husband and I thought all was lost and our world shattered. Monique guided us and showed us what we needed to do to make our house whole again. Long and behold (we are almost out of the woods), our two boys are getting along, playing together, and sleeping together. Eight months ago, I thought there was no hope, and Monique with her guidance- made it happened! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, our family is whole again! 



I recently received an email from a client that I saw back in 11/2016 explaining how well her dog is doing after one year of working with him.  Here are some excerpts:

... In the year since you worked with me with Shiloh, he’s made amazing progress... He’s become an entirely different dog! ...  Thank you SO MUCH for your help with my sweet mutt. I knew he was a little love, we just needed help getting past the fear so he could let other people see that.  


Calix and I were so happy to have found you. You are such a wonderful trainer. He has learned to behave and obey commands so well thanks to you. We will definitely book another 6 week package with you in the future. So worth it!!! Thank you. 


Did a detailed consultation with Monique of Pet Behavior Services in regards to an issue with my cats. She offered great insight and sound advice. Thanks, Monique! 

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